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last 20 buyers offers

Product Quantity Incoterms Country Posted Date
LPG 100,000 First Trial CIF Ghana November-21-2014
Gold 50kg tranche, followed by 200Kg monthly CIF Spain November-19-2014
Jet Fuel JP54 1000000 FOB United States November-17-2014
Coffee Pulper 300 Other India November-17-2014
Petroleum and Diesel 2million Other South Africa November-16-2014
Antimony 35% Max 3000 MT up to 5000 MT CIF China November-15-2014
JP54 and D2 3 million barrels/m CIF United Kingdom November-15-2014
Sunflower Oil Any CIF India November-11-2014
JP54 1.000.000 to 5.000.000 FOB,CIF United States November-10-2014
JP54 & BLCO 2.000.000 FOB Serbia And Montenegro November-10-2014
Oils 120.000 CIF Spain November-03-2014
Animal Feed Wheat 40000 FOB Ukraine November-02-2014
Mazut M100 Gost 99 1200000 CIF China November-02-2014
Scrap Truck Tires 60000 CIF India November-02-2014
Lead Ore 5000 CIF China October-31-2014
Portland Cement 100000 FOB India October-30-2014
D2 5000 FOB Iran Islamic Republic Of October-27-2014
Hydrogen Peroxide 3000 MR per motnh CIF India October-27-2014
JP54 5000000 CIF Senegal October-20-2014
Cement 12.500 MT pr. month x 12 CIF Ghana October-19-2014

Last 20 Sellers offers

Product Unit Incoterms Vendor Type Country Posted Date
Pistachio Metric Ton EXW Manufacture Iran Islamic Republic Of November-22-2014
Saffron Bag/Bags EXW Manufacture Iran Islamic Republic Of November-22-2014
Bitumen Metric Ton FOB,CIF,CNF Manufacture Iran Islamic Republic Of November-22-2014
Replica Watches Unit/Units Other Trader company India November-22-2014
Home Textiles Carton/Cartons FOB Manufacture Pakistan November-22-2014
Copper Ore Metric Ton CIF Broker India November-22-2014
Polymer Dram/Drams Other Manufacture Indonesia November-22-2014
Gold Box/Boxes CIF Manufacture Cameroon November-21-2014
Mazut 380 Ton/Tons EXW Manufacture Iraq November-21-2014
Amber Kilogram/Kilograms FOB Manufacturer and Trader Poland November-21-2014
Diamond Box/Boxes FOB Manufacture Cameroon November-20-2014
JP54 Barrel/Barrels CIF Manufacture Spain November-20-2014
Titanium Products Ton/Tons FOB Manufacturer and Trader China November-20-2014
Diesel Forklifts Unit/Units FOB Manufacturer and Trader China November-20-2014
Sugar and Soybean Ton/Tons CIF Trader company Brazil November-20-2014
Battery Forklifts Unit/Units FOB Manufacturer and Trader China November-20-2014
(Guigoz 2) 400g Carton/Cartons CIF Trader company Cameroon November-19-2014
Ball-Football Unit/Units EXW Manufacture Pakistan November-19-2014
Mazut,D2,JP54 Metric Ton CIF Manufacturer and Trader Russian Federation November-19-2014
Titanium Tubes Kilogram/Kilograms FOB Manufacturer and Trader China November-19-2014






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